Lauren Mitchell – 12/08/2023

Hi Ralph,
Thank you so much Ralph I honestly can’t express how deeply grateful I am I believe the advice and insight you provided will be life changing for me you have already helped me re frame the fear into an excitement for the future and all of its possibilities. Thank you for being so kind and understanding you will and have helped so many people a truly wonderful genuine soul doing so much good 💖

Nel – 27/05/2023

Hi Ralph,
Powerful talk, so great to speak to you

Ashlee – 26/10/2022

The 1 to 1 session was very personable. I really felt understood and validated. This call actually made me fully accept that I do put in work and I am caring. I always tried to play it off as me being too much, but now I actually accept the fact that I WAS putting in the work. My whole life I’ve not given myself any credit and you helped me realize my potential. Even though I’ve heard these things before, the energy felt different this time. This time I was open to receiving, and I didn’t just let things go in one ear and out the other. I actually resonate with the fact that I am abundant and that I care deeply about others. And I don’t feel bad about it. Thank you for not treating me like I have to DO something or look outside of myself. I can tell you are actually engaged, and you care about the people you connect with. And one last thing; I noticed that you didn’t cut our conversation short when it hit one hour. You weren’t worried about going over that hour mark. And that shows how genuine you are. I know that was more than just a couple of sentences but I didn’t wanna half ass my response😂 THANK YOU so much! One Love!💜💜

Vincent -21/10/2022

Hi Ralph,
With gratitude I honor the deep wisdom I’ve been given along the path. I honor each lesson, no matter how difficult, for it brought me here. I celebrate this moment and I allow the feeling of gratitude to bathe my cells.”

Max Orelus-20/09/2022

Hi Ralph,
Follow up feedback of the consult:
I just want to say I appreciate the conversation we had yesterday, it really helped clear things up on my end.
All that’s to say is I really enjoyed our consult and nothing but positive feedback from me.
Warm regards,

Destiny Smith – 22/08/2022

From the warmest place of gratitude and appreciation: Thank you. Thank you for helping me come into the light, to know myself and my true potential. Thank you for everything that you have done for not only me, but everyone who’s spirit you have touched.
With so much love & so much gratitude,

Maria Jobog – 13/06/2022

Dear Ralph,

Thank you so much for this amazing session. I hope to meet more chosen ones. It was AWESOME.

Jan Lingen – 30/05/2022

Dear Ralph,

the session with you did set incredible things into motion. Nothing what I expected/”wanted” (whatever that really means) happened, but rather what I needed and it is awesome.I spoke and speak my truth, and it helps me to be more and in deeper contact with me. And unexpected and beautiful things started to happen => Real intimacy, which means to be that another person really can see me and vice versa.I participate more in life and we now meet on a COMPLETELY new level. I told her things I have never told someone else and I have no idea where it will lead, but it will be all for my best and it feels wonderful.Ralph, you were my catalyst for this, and now I know why I had tears in my eyes when I was somehow driven by sth else then me to your consultation page… well it was meant to be.A huge thank you from my heartJan

Singdon Ronghang – 18/03/2022

It felt really good talking and connecting with you Ralph. Thank you for the guidance. Keep shining.

Authentically Andrew – 01/01/2022

My session with Ralph was amazing! He helped me let go of so much that I was holding onto, and through that I gained a lot of clarity on my situation. He really helped me tap into my authenticity, inner child, and truest self. The whole time I could tell he really wanted the best for me. I am very grateful for this session and the wisdom and inspiration Ralph shared. If you are considering a session, I highly recommend booking one. You were guided here for a reason. It will bring you what you are seeking 🙂

Paulius Valteris – 10/02/20

“The session went well. Ralph thought me a lot about equality, how to combat my pain and more. We discussed synchronicities and their meaning. I’m happy to have”

Aditeya Lochan Singh – 11/01/20

“It was an absolute delight to talk to you as your videos have indeed helped me come a long way within my own journey! I indeed felt your vibrations over the skype call and it lifted me up and gave me more positivity. Thank you so much once again for doing your part in trying to increase the vibrations of the society via your videos. I will do my upmost best to spread the message further. I have over the last few weeks thinking about creating a youtube channel mainly to help spread the message you have been spreading but just in a context of a university student in Australia. Although, I had been having a few doubts about it, after talking to you, I realised that this is indeed what I needed to do right now and follow my gut instinct. I realised that I need to keep being my authentic self and do what I believe needs to be done. I will over the next few days think more about this topic and meditate over it. I have realised that what I truly love doing is indeed helping out other people rather than the traditional business world of selling something that I don’t even believe in.


“Dearest Ralph, I could feel the shift in my energy and perspective as we were speaking. Initially, my negative ego was pulling me back, because my ego wasn’t being stroked… I AM NOT A VICTIM? My small voice kept repeating, HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT? But my higher self stepped in and told me, stay open. Stay open. And I’m glad I did, because then I was able to start RECEIVING the love and wisdom. It was really helpful to understand the reason for my energetic blocks, and the most loving way to maneuver through them. The fact that you are well traveled and have a deep understanding of different cultures, also helped me connect with you on a level that definitely served me. It comforted me to KNOW that you’ve SEEN and FELT the effects of a culture as intense as the one I grew up in. I knew I had a purpose… But did I really know? Our entire conversation reinforced the narrative that I was too scared to claim. I am a divine being. I am the world. I am love. Your authenticity spoke volumes to me. The fact that I was talking to the same guy I’ve been watching on YouTube all this time, gave me such comfort.  I could feel your vibe through the screen, loving, sincere and HILARIOUS.  The emphasis you placed on calm, compassionate and truthful helped me realize that all I ever needed/need to do is breathe.. Stay with breath and all is coming. I also love the advice you gave me about deepening my meditation, and yoga practices. Also, the insight on veganism and how it all links up. What I love the most is the friendship that grew out of this. You called me a friend and that truly warmed my heart. I felt like more than just a ‘client’, truly.  I want to say more but I’ll be talking forever. And sometimes it’s not about the talk talk talk. It’s about the connection which speaks beyond what words and conversation can convey.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Love always, Maryam  Ps I hope to one day meet you, chill, vibe and dive deep into life while munching on some FRESH grapes and bumping to Bob Marley.

DENVER NUNLEY – 05/02/17
“I had the most amazing talk with Ralph today, it was like catching up with an old friend. We talked about weather, traveling, relationships and so much more. He truly is a beautiful soul. I was nervous to speak to him but quickly calmed down when I realized he is just another person like me and you. It was just what I needed in this stage in my life. In short, don’t take life so seriously and trust that you are being led. I love this man and everything he is.” In love, Denver Nunley.

I felt the session very much. friendly environment with general and specific resolutions for spiritual and day to day questions. Always with peace love and joy as basis. Thank you Ralph.

Hi Ralph, I really appreciate all the advice you shared. I love your energy. You are a very wise and beautiful soul. I’m going to do my video homework and will get back to you in a few days. Namaste. Marie.

I enjoyed our skype session deeply. Your kindness and wisdom is comforting and uplifting – exactly what I needed during my challenging time.  Thank you for being you and supporting me. I will replay the session as needed 🙂


Well, where to start? How to start? Because there’s no words at all to describe it.It was so good for me, to talk with this simple and at the same time so wise man… I felt different in the moment we connected, like my vibrational frequency went higher, very high. Very very high. I have been to another dimension, I know it. Ralph, you are one of the 3 most generous people I met in my Life. The other 2 were my dad and my grandmother, his mom. How I know about your generosity with only one meeting via Skype? By FEELING it. I know you are very generous. And you can be it because you have everything it takes to be a generous person, without taking yourself for granted. It was a moment of higher clarity for me, and after the session I felt very light, like my spirit was soaring. It was a “water divider”, like we use to say in Brasil. A before and an after. I can’t thank you enough. It was the best “jam session” I had in my life. In love!  Ralph Smart is. He just is.  =) May you keep being and being…Blessings and more blessings. Thank you forever,Tatiana Tortelly (Tati).

Just wanted to thank you again for such a great session. You are definitely doing what you came here to do, and it shows in your work, the way you hold yourself and the words you speak. After our session, I got the courage to quit my job 🙂 and I feel awesome about it. I love your videos and I love you! Thank you for having the courage to do what you do. You truly make this world a better place. Maybe one day I will be doing something as great as you and if you remember me and see me you can pat yourself on the back for your contribution lol. I swear I listen to your videos almost every morning. Hope to speak again! Be well.

The one on one consultation with Ralph Smart was the best experience and was the best insight of becoming the best version of myself.  Ralph is such a caring individual and loves what he does.  Before I started the consultation with Ralph I had no sense of direction in life I was always trying to be a people pleaser and trying to be in so many routes. I lost of who I was. And I was also searching who I want to become. During and after our one on one consultation, I notice that I was not bettering myself, in fact I was bettering to be please others.  Ralph gave me a sense of myself and open my doors into my inner self.  Ralph smart is such a caring and genuine person. During the consultation he does not rush our one on one. Those minutes of speaking with him was enough time. He really does have a passion of helping others becoming the best version. The next day I stop caring about what people think of and started healing my inner self, doing the things I love. Overall, it was a AMAZING consultation.  I highly recommend this one on one consultation with Ralph Smart.  He puts in his 100% into what he loves and I can genially feel it.  I HIGHLY recommend this consultation!!! I GUARANTEE you will get the BEST is our one on one consultation with Ralph. Best Geremia.

EBIE PEREZ I – 28/09/15 

Thank You Infinite Waters,

For helping me so much through this journey. I could probably sit here and write a book on how many ways you have helped me so far. When I finally built up the courage to contact you I felt like I was talking to a really good friend for the first time . So for that reason I thank you for reminding me not to take life so serious and to enjoy this process. Talking to you helped me realize how I needed to get over myself 😂. How overthinking can hold you back. How in a world where everything seems against you the last thing you should have against you is yourself. How we are all perfect. How our attitude sometimes takes over and blinds us from seeing perfection in everything that is. Most importantly the hard truth to get up and move into radical action lol. Thanks for being such a stream of light and love and for utilizing your talents to help me find my greatest version! I have so much more to learn and (thanks for that reminder too😉). Beings like you are exactly the reason why I have dreams and most importantly faith! I could have spoken to you for hours. There were so many things I wanted to learn more about. Thanks for sparking that excitement to also being happy with the unknown. I look forward to facing my fears as crazy as that is and to meeting more people like you 💕. So I just have infinite gratitude for all that you do!

The impact Ralph had on me in our 1-to-1 session was absolutely incredible. He showed me the clear path to my biggest goals, without judgement. His words are powerfully precise and cut through a lot of the noise that I was hearing previously.. Straight up, he’s an awesome guy, helped me more than I think he could ever imagine. Blocks that have been there for so long: gone in an instant!

HANNAH JACOBS – 24/08/15 
Thank you so much for agreeing to talk in such short notice. After watching so many of your videos almost every day, I was glad that I finally got to speak to you. You were so kind and easy to talk to and didn’t rush me even though the session went over an hour. You listened carefully and patiently what I had to say without judging me. You were somehow able to pinpoint the heart of some of the issues that I had quite early on in the conversation and pointed out several things that I need to work on to help with some of my problems. Thanks a lot for the guidance. I hope I will become a greater version of myself! Thanks Ralph!

PATRICK KIM – 18/08/15 
I found my session with Ralph to be an absolutely valuable experience. It felt so comforting to be talking to him. I was really being listened to and understood. I was going through one of the toughest and scariest experiences of my life in the past two weeks, and in a time of great fear, I felt undeniable positivity, light, wisdom, safety, and love in his presence. I felt a great deal of empowerment, optimism and strength after our session. I see the man speak all the time in his videos, but having him speak directly to me was a whole nother experience. Thanks for the talk.

DUNCAN BROWN – 03/08/15
Thanks Ralph, that session had a nice flow to it. I’ve learned a great deal over the last few months, whilst working through this turmoil I’ve been going through. It has been…. hell. But…. I’m coming out of it now feeling like I’m transformed by this experience. So a lot of what we were discussing was me needing to speak to someone like minded who understands what I’m getting at who can shine a little light on my blind spots. I also failed to mention I didn’t have much work for 6 months and had to sell loads of stuff to pay the rent. Which just added to the feeling of panic. I have some organic cacao in the cupboard.  I’m getting it out. Hope to do another session with you soon, regards. Duncan.

UANI PALALCIO – 18/07/15
Hey Ralph, Thank you so much for taking the time out to speak with me the other day. I really appreciate it. It was so surreal, I couldn’t believe I was actually talking to you! I felt like I was watching one of your videos as I always do. You were so easy to talk to I felt so at ease talking to you about what was bothering in my life. You listened carefully without judgement and help me clarify my thoughts and reminded me of what I seem to always forget which is to always remember to love myself. Thanks for all your wisdom and understanding. Peace!


JODE JODDLE – 03/05/15
I sought coaching with Ralph because I had a block which I couldn’t get through. Ralph got straight to the heart of the matter and gave me lots of workable solutions that I had never before considered. I made lots of new connections during our chat and was left with an inspired, go-getting energy following our session. Thanks again Ralph!


Ralph, I feel so much better after our session yesterday! u really inspired me I have more energy today, more space to do the things I enjoy like dancing and singing ! and I started to redesign my life right after the session.  I have more positive and less negative thoughts and emotions  Thank u xx.


I’m glad, I have decided to take the counselling session with Ralph — it helped me broaden my perspective and gave me very practical things to do to maintain that positive attitude.

Ralph does a incredible job at understanding so quick, what you are feeling and trying to say, and building upon. It is very cool, how intelligent and educated Ralph is, he easily picks up the terminology and belief systems that you operate in and relates to it his words.

Ralph won’t make any conclusions for you, instead, he will remind you, that you are the choices you make and you have the power to be whoever you want.

I turned to Ralph with a specific problem, that I needed advice on, but now I can easily imagine just chatting with him, as he is very nice and interesting to talk with. And I do regret not asking what his favourite skateboard tricks are :)”
It was a great experience.
Love and harmony.

Transparent as the glass you look through when you drive a car, I must have been looking at myself through his complementary ways of relating to what was deep! Dive Deep with Ralph! I did!

I saw my past, unfold and fall away into my memories, I know what my present is, I choose to be present not absent. Listen to your inner self and connect with Ralph!
He will make you laugh! He made me laugh!


PAUL TURNER – 28/03/14
Ralph I truly appreciate all the work you do, it is much needed on the planet. Thank you for an insightful session. I felt you were able to speak to my concerns directly. I also want to thank you for being so generous with the time. The session was unhurried and free flowing. Thanks man.


Thank you so much Ralph. I not only learned a lot today, but I enjoyed myself in the process. Thank you for doing what you do and brightening up the world. I will write a more in-depth comment sometime soon 🙂

I will keep tuning in 🙂


MARIE AZANGO – 07/03/14
Bonsoir Ralph, Thank you very much for your time and thoughts today. I guess, after a few months watching your videos, there was an urgent need for me to meet with you in “person” and I am really glad I had the opportunity to discuss with you, focusing on my own journey. Many things you told me, I knew already your position about through your videos but it makes it very different to hear these thoughts, in 1 to 1 context. Things I heard you saying before, resonated slightly differently this time 🙂

Take good care.

Thank you so much Ralph. I feel you have opened my eyes and my heart to how amazing life is. I am so grateful for this experience. I look forward to your event in London!

Forever thankful


Dear Ralph, I wanted to say thank you once again for your time, patience, wisdom, intuition, generosity of spirit and encouragement this evening on the Skype session. You have shed light on a lot of things for me and given me much to think about.  You are an ‘Earth Angel’, and one of a kind, I am very grateful to you and hope to speak again at some point.

Warmest wishes to you,

MAMONI K – 17/1/14
My session with Ralph was insightful, simple to the point, and pleasant. His competency in relating and understanding people is vast, he will listen and put you at ease. He is the real deal!


MARIA NAGUA – 3/1/14
All I want to say is thank for your insight on letting go of all the BS (belief systems). You gave me great nuggets of inspiration that unblocked loads of ideas for my business plan (which I have corrected right after speaking to you). We talked for a lot longer than an hour and you never mentioned it. I appreciate you and wish you all the best on your own journey.


Thanks for the consultation, Ralph. I got clear on a lot of things like let the symbol lead the website (or any project), think in terms of ‘I’m in the process of opening to…’ instead of ‘I’ve been stuck’, the idea that I’m already a master whose fine with learning from other masters, and overall it was great to dive deep with you.  –David


I only can recommend a personal session with Ralph. It is really helpful to find back to your path and Ralph can absolutely motivate you! He also take some extra-time and looks not on the watch after one hour. He just lets the conversation flow until you’re satisfied and your questions are answered. Thank you once again Ralph for your words and keep going like this! Peace, Daniel


I really enjoyed my session with Ralph, he gave me very insightful advice which I was able to immediately implement. It made me feel much more confident about my work and now I can more forward and get out of my way. Thank you Ralph. I feel like I have a little piece of your soul. Love always xxx


MELVYN JAMES – 24/11/13 
Wow! Talk about diving deep! Ralph is a diver…Totally!!!. He may be very smiley, calm and all that… but…guide us lord!  this guy is truly enlightened. I had so many questions on my mind and needed a sense of direction in my life…and Ralph brought the light in. He was very patient in answering my questions. I feel so much better. I now understand why I’m where I am. Overall I found it refreshing!!! I wish I could just kidnap him and get him to speak to me every day. Hmm…If only that were possible!!!


I was feeling hopeless, depressed, and frustrated with my life. I desperately wanted to talk to someone who could help me understand what was going on with me. I don’t have parents, siblings, or close friends who I communicate with so there are far and few opportunities to speak to anyone about my issues or personal concerns. Most importantly someone whom I felt would not judge and who also has some psychological expertise. I reached out to you with a plea for help and you responded right away. You had an appointment for me the next day. I almost lost hope when I realized I couldn’t afford the consultation. During our conversation you inspired me tremendously. You truly care for people and for that I am so grateful. You help me better understand that I am not a Victim while also giving me confirmation that it is time to LOVE MYSELF. I will work on this daily until it manifests in my life. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.


JAKE MCMILLAN – 23/09/13
Ralph is a delight to talk to, and provided intelligent insight & advice to address my concerns.  Even though my thoughts and issues were at times difficult to convey, his responses were in depth & useful at many levels.  You can expect the energy and warmth he puts forth in his videos.  The recorded session also lets you listen back and review what you went over.

TAMARA SCOTT – 09/09/13
This man was sent by the universe to guide many souls who are in the search for enlightenment, freedom and inner self love. He is a universal enlightened soul who has the ability to connect, change and touch many hearts with his intelligent and spiritual approach. Keep up the mission! Infinite Love!

ROSINE CAPLOT – 27/09/2013
The session was just perfect. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It gave me all the answers I was looking for! Thank you very much. Love, Rosine.


JANINE BLUNT  – 22/09/2013
Many thanks to Infinite Waters, AKA Ralph Smart, for providing me with his invaluable insight, which I found to be extraordinarily helpful on my journey toward personal growth & self discovery. It was so wonderful seeing him on Skype! He’s truly as genuine as he comes across on YouTube.  His advice was both thought provoking & practical, which covered not only my original question, but many other areas of my life as well. He was patient, a good listener, and wise beyond his years. One visit with Ralph was more comprehensive and helpful than 10 visits with my previous therapist.   I highly recommend acquiring his services. The fee was well worth it! Thank you again!  Peace & Love, Janine S.


I love watching Ralph’s videos on Youtube and I was given the gift of a private consultation with him over Skype.  I couldn’t have asked for a greater gift than this, for the session was like watching the same Ralph on Youtube, but times 100 because of the personal interaction.  My perception of myself and the world has expanded and I feel more connected and accepting of who I am and what I want to share with the world.  Giving this gift to yourself or someone else says nothing short of I love you.  Thank you Kam!  Thank you Ralph!


ERICA SUTER – 20/08/2013
I was very pleased with the session and the insight that was given. My concerns were listened to and I felt like I was talking to a best friend. I would recommend a consultation to anyone because of the authentic and genuine advice that was given to help me be happier and worry less about my problems. By the end of the session, I had a completely new perspective on how I approach and respond to “problems” in relationships and I now feel much more confident to be myself and to be honest with my partner. I realized that everything will fall into place naturally and we hold the key to successes and failures in relationships.


  1. I was viewing your 11:11 video and this was something my friend always spoke about and felt there was something more to it. As for myself the number I am always aware of is 747 do you have any insight about that number for me?

  2. Hello Ralph,

    Would you consider being a presenter for my travel events? Would love to dream with you about it. I am planning cruises for people looking to enliven their lives and be in positive inspiring space with other like minded beings. The project is called “Let’s Play” and my first event is being planned for next year May. I absolutely love what you do and watching your videos. They have inspired me and I know they would inspire those patrons of my events.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Ralph Smart,
    I have some very serious situations needing resolved, I have emailed you and have not received anything back. I’m sure you are very busy a person. I will email again to make sure I sent it right and to better stress the severity here. I to have a Double BA in psychology and in Social services, this is why I know If I don’t seek your help then I am lost. You are a very resourceful man and I have visited your site many times and watched so many of your videos. You truly are inspiring and DO have answers I need help with. Please respond to my email.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi..Ralph..I’ve been watching ur videos for a couple months now..n I am very interested in everything u stand for..I believe u can help my son n I..I would love to talk w you more in detail…please email me back and thank you for your time

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