What if You Were
the Best Version of Yourself?

The Smartest Version.. The Wealthiest Version..
The Happiest Version..
Imagine the best possible version of yourself. Go beyond now.. and dive into the infinite possibilities.

See yourself where all of your relationships are at their best. Where your mind is working at its best. Where your wealth is at its most.

It’s easy to get there. But most people don’t realize that life is on a continuum. On one end, there’s the worst version of yourself. The loser. The loner. The popper.

But on the other side of the scale is your best version. Where every part of your life is optimal. And you’re about to see how you can get on the fast track to your best self.
Here’s How…
Inside the book Feel Alive by Ralph Smart, you’ll discover the key to the best version of yourself. You’re going to see how your mind and thoughts alter the world you experience.

How your mind drastically alters your life and how you can control it. Because if you’re not controlling your mind, then who is?

You’ll also discover the strange reason why food can block you from your best self. And how you can use the right foods to get your mind working at its best. Then you’ll be able to control your mind and in turn, your world.
Here’s Why…
Ralph Smart is an expert.

He’s a Psychologist, Life Coach, Author, and Counselor. He freely shares his knowledge through his Youtube channel.

Which, by the way, has over 271 million hits! Now, here’s what other people are saying about Ralph:

I made lots of new connections during our chat and was left with an inspired, go-getting energy following our session. Thanks again Ralph!” -Jode Joddle

I started to redesign my life right after the session. I have more positive and less negative thoughts and emotions Thank u xx.” -Amani Fallatah

I saw my past, unfold and fall away into my memories, I know what my present is, I choose to be present not absent. Listen to your inner self and connect with Ralph!” -Cameron Willet
Get the Book…
Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to see how you can get there ASAP? Then grab a copy of his book Feel Alive.

You can order a paperback or, if you’re ready to start right away, get the ebook version. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and become your best self now!


  1. Ralph, you are a great version of yourself for that reason you inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Can’t wait to read the book. Thank You

  2. I am looking forward to purchasing a copy…and ready for you to come out and do live talks worldwide! Thanks for being you!

  3. Just bought your book ! Cannot wait to expand and know myself more …. and hey please send me an email I have a couple questions I’d like to go over if you can …

  4. Ralph i have a problem that is really bothering me. Every time i try to talk to people i have a hard time to find words & have so much mental blockage,that i can seem to grasp info effectively or barely nothing. This is affecting my ability to be successful at life,in reality this has been affecting me most of my life,you can say i was a very slow minded person,that needs to wake up. Tomorrow i have to do a speech on what i memorize from the script for a job,that requires constant human interaction lol. I dont know what could be the possible triggers. I think it could be something about shyness. Is like my mind is resisting me to talk,like a serious mental fogginess. Forgetfulness. Ralph help me before speech !! Ralph you know how many jobs i had quit because of this. You can be broke in life for being mentally stupid,but how can i be stupid when i’m looking for professional help ? weird

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