1. Beloved Ralph, I’ve been listening to your videos for about a month….I was introduced by a friend and I told her I will love her for life for sharing your videos with me. It is a blessing to have a channel such of your self reminding me daily to be my greatest authentic self…these truths I know deep….however I’m loving your encouragement to dive deeper.

    Regarding the term Cougar, I guess I would receive that label if I was into labels but I’m not. I am married to a much younger man…13years strong now. I Am a confident being and I listen to the voice of God for my direction….which is why I didn’t hesitate when we started dating. My previous husband was much older than me and did not give me that genuine love and respect my husband does. When unconditional love finds you no matter what size, shape, age or color….check it out before you listen to what others might say or think about the relationship. Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom. NSI

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