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  1. Thank you, dear Ralph, for another great video!

    To answer your question:
    I actually had to think about that for a bit… I believe, what I do is to take a good look at the gifts which the relationship in question brought. Meaning, I take a look at the gifts that were offered to me as well at the gifts that I may have had for the other person. If I have acknowledged the gifts that were offered to me as well as accepted the ones that I choose to receive and if I have presented all the gifts that were mine to give (knowing that it is totally up to the other person which of those gifts they choose to accept, if any at all) it usually becomes easier for me to let go and move on. At least that is what I just found out looking back on those situations in my life. Moving on does not mean that I stop loving or liking the person I had the relationship with. It rather means to let it be – let them be who they are and, of course, let me be who I am.
    Hmm… Does that answer your question?

    Much love,

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