1. THIS … this is my problem.

    Every time I drop off my son at middle school my gut tells me to scoop him back up, throw him in the car and DRIVE…. fast and far away.

    My son was diagnosed with Autism. He is verbal. He has not aids in school.. he is different that the other kids. THANK GOD. This kid is magic. He comes to me with stories of how he is a “healer.” He is super into crystals. He is obsessed with being a hero… but not his version of the bad guys is best described by him as “darkness.” The overlord in his world is to blame for people being unkind.

    These are his words. I DO NOT want them to change/brainwash him.

    I used to teach kindergarten. So, I know how rigid curriculum is and how teachers are not even allowed to be creative when the teach. They get a book and have to READ out of it!!!

    This is my biggest frustration these days.

    I want to keep my son. I don’t want them to make him feel badly because he thinks differently. I don’t want them to change him.



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