1. Thank you so much for sharing that Ralph. I myself bathe in the crazy everyday and dive deep. I catch that train to the city each day, hop in the can with the other sardines shoulder to shoulder except i smile all the way there. Like a Cheshire cat with a chuckle in his throat. I look around the train carriage with a smile on my dial looking at the strained and miserable faces, whilst i tap my foot and nod my head to some funky beats. I’m sure they think i am the crazy one BUT i know it is they who are in danger of becoming insane, misery and depression stamped on there features. Like a can stuffed full of energy vampires. Me, i just had me some infinite waters and some yoga for breakfast followed by some Blue berries and chia seeds. I roll up to the station, throw up my impenetrable white blazing bubble burning with beautiful indigo fire, lock the back door and i am golden baby!

    Many thanks for helping me rediscover the power of mental Alchemy…
    and again for being my catalyst….
    and for the honor of being able to dive deep with you day after day.

    Can I get a helloooo there! Peace bloke, much love <3 🙂

  2. Ralph… one of the days our paths will cross. I lived in Venice for 3+ years. Today, I live in OC so I go back often. When we bump into each other. I will be able to personally thank you. For now, I will type it and hopefully you can feel the sincerity behind my fingers. :)))

    I was *this close to writing my experience in a mental hospital… but I still can’t go there. It is still to traumatic. It was not my choice to be admitted. My ex-husband put me there, tried to convince staff to keep me there for 30 days, but thankfully one decent physician let me go after 6 days. 6 days of every cell in my body screaming. That’s what it felt like… Awful.

    Good news is… if there is some sort of a dooms day event happening during the blood moon… That man’s karma alone will take him out. Have you heard of spontaneous combustion? A girl can dream.

    So, my question… How can I be free from this man who continues to “mess” with me despite the fact that I have forgiven him. If you knew what he has put my kids and I through … you would question how I could forgive so many heinous acts of true evil. As time goes by, I forgive all people. This is just hard wired in me. I can not hold a grudge.

    BUT… I am exhausted. I want off the roller coaster ride. 12 YEARS MORE? My youngest is 8 years old. I want to spend my energy on me. Yet, he creates obstacle upon obstacle to re-engage my energy.

    How can I be free? He obviously won’t let go of me. I want peace, dude.

    I love you too Ralph! We all do!
    Your smile is hypnotizing…. and contagious. You are a rock star.

    Andy B.

    PS- I am love. I am free. I am happy and grateful. I AM GRATEFUL… thank you universe…

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