1. How can so many people know and understand this video… yet … where I live… if you even speak of anything that has to do with creativity or imagination… they sit there with their mouth agape… frightened to speak.
    I ask my female neighbors while we lounge at the pool, “Would you rather be a fairy or a mermaid?” Find me one girl in the world who has not thought about that question AT LEAST once in her life. I am going to be 43 years old 2 days after the eclipse (so excited!)… are we not allowed to dream anymore? I was so embarrassed for them, feeling embarrassed for me… because their life is so small and dull, yes… but so confined!!! 🙁 How can they have LIMITS to what they are allowed to dream?
    There is so much to your video that I understand (unlike perhaps a new follower) only because I often crack out watching your videos… (binge watch)… If one of these ladies saw it and knew that I love it, believe IN it and DEF. agree with my WHOLE heart, most likely to tears… I would probably be exiled!
    I used lived on Brooks in Venice, CA… baby… I got bit a long time ago. I AM love.
    Calgon…. take me awayyyyyyyyyyy…… See on the playa… and THANK YOU.
    You are an infinite being and you are changing infinite lives.

    Love what you do, man…


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