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  1. O.o DAMN RALPH! That was amazing, you were carving up that bowl like nobody’s business. That gave me goosebumps just watching in anticipation as dropped in. I have seen those things before, and I’m not going to lie…they really look really intimidating. You really are an electrifying catalyst brother. You didn’t just conquer, you didn’t just overcome…you smashed it out of the park and you were flying baby!

    I was still umming and rrring about buying a new deck. Trying to fight off that little voice in the back of my mind, thats trying to tell me lies like “Brett your 39, your to old” blah blah haha. So i am officially stuffing that voice back in it’s box and taking the plunge, diving deep, because i am gonna fly to baby!

    Thanks again brother, much love.
    Peace 🙂 <3

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