1. Hi, thank you so much for all your inspiring video’s.
    I am way tooooo nice, and people take adventage of. I help them and just a few people appreciate it.
    They say I am to kind. Now I’m setting my boundries. It is really hard for me.
    I will stay nice but WITHOUT LOOSING MYSELF.
    But when you are lonely, sad…. NOBODY’S THERE FOR ME!
    Nice means not giving, giving, giving. I can’t be bad but I need to stay true to myself. I don’t want people to take advantage of me. AND THEY DID. I forgive them, for me. and I learned my lesson and don’t want to stay in touch with them. To protect myself.

    And, the funny part is, some people get annoyed of my kindness. they think it’s fake. No, it’s not fake.
    In this century people forgot that, for example, greeting a people,(act of kidness whithout expecting anything in return) is not normal. I live my life as I believe, if i succeed or fail at least i lived the way I believe in (as Whitney houston sings in her song: Greatest love of all, is the loving yourself in a not selfish way.

    And can I ask which chrystael you are wearing in the video? (your necklace?)
    I have chrystaels too. I didn’t know nothing about it and I saw a purple one. It’s an Amethist.
    My feeling spotted that. I needed to have it.
    and i trust my feelings. If something feels not good or I’m in doubt, I wait and don’t make any decisions.
    But when my feelings are way to strong about something in a good way, I know it is right.

    Greetings from Emine Pala from the Netherlands, diving deep once again with you all….

    Have an amazing day.

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