1. Wonderful video, they always keep me going, no matter the message. I know things have changed. I’m an empath/emotional projector. Yes, at first it was fun but I would agree now that it drains a lot of my energy by being around hoards of people at college. I don’t know if that’s the only reason for me being tired all the time lately, but I can definitely feel myself be emotionally and physically drained by a person who doesn’t give off energy. I have tried blocking energy before and it somewhat works but it takes so much more resistance than just to accept it. I also have a theory on why certain energies only affect certain people, and it has to do with what is already present in the subconscious. So by that logic, the person who is giving me uncomfortable energy (usually in the root or third eye) is just sparking something that is alive in me. I am making the argument that having a more intimate experience with energy, even the unpleasant energy within your own emotional body, is another way of the universe guiding us to our greatest version. In shadow work we must be aware of the subconscious belief, and I think empaths are doing this shadow work process at an accelerated rate by being aware of the energy which is manifesting the belief. We are clearing the unconscious of all of humanity and making super powerful beings out of ourselves by not resisting how much life can suck as an empath, because the universe is precise with the synchronicities it brings to you. Isn’t this a necessary “suffering” for the betterment of all and empaths on an energetic level?

  2. Hi Ralph. is there only highly sensetive people than can truly see or experience the ”truth”? I have a freind that i know is not highly sensetive but he is open for almost everything, and has suported me through everything in my life and i have for him too. but does that mean that i can not bring him on to my ”journey”? or is it just me misunderstanding ? can i show him and help him understand things that i naturaly understand and see as a hsp?

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