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    I am very grateful dear Ralph ! time is there to remind me the wasted one you evoked in this video … HAHAHA I LOVE YOUR inspiring and judicious MESSAGE of love …This worth fairly enough to me … You helped me to clarify what I was confused about , as an extra++ gift ! Diving deep …
    Finding the link between original musical skills , creative and intuitive spiritual sight and visions , about experiencing life in the blissful of momentness when we know eternity is real and share positiveness as a purpose for our world .
    Value the time …Very interesting point . why Does the money thing seems to be so tough to me ? with a kind of ” making profit mindset ” perceived as hostile or inappropriate for my dominant self -judjement ,, ? At last ? I REALISED it is another story of self-esteem to restore ! let’s working on it and making money hahaha ! allow ourselves our truly- special priceless value is A WONDERFUL INVESTMENT ! Uniqueness in Oneness .
    thank you Ralph . PEACE !

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