1. Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for this wonderful talk and significant lesson. I never quite understand why I attract certain type of people and patterns in my life. It’s making great sense now and your tips are on point. Thank you also for all your postings, and enlightening us with your knowledge and good spirits.

    Hopefully we’ll meet one day, I would love to simply talk to you.

    Keep blessed


  2. Thank You so much for clarifying so much on this topic. It took me years to be able to remove the “Psychic Vampires ” away from my Energy Field. I was born and raised to the age of 8 in a Very Powerful Place called Cusco, near My Childhood Playgrounds called Machu Picchu in Peru. I have so much to share with you my Ancient Brother .. I Am 67 years in this incarnation, and have been a Vegan for 49 years of this time .. Soon My Dear Ralph, I send you all my Love, Peace and Much Light / Atachualpa …

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